The global chaos ensuing with COVID-19 is pushing humanity to ask deep questions and understand deep truths about our world. It also pushing us reimagine our reality.

Global ‘chaos’ is happening in response to an emerging consciousness. Within us that no longer resonates with the society we have created. The ‘chaos’ inspires us to let go of many of the current systems. People are feeling the urge to imagine and create new systems and structures. Inside our society that better match this emerging level of consciousness.

Of course, none of this goes without those that wish to hold on to our current ways of living. Calling out a desire to go back to ‘normal’. Many are looking upon the measures being put in place during this COVID-19 and asking. We headed for a totalitarian state?

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From my observation, sure, we can head there, if we choose to collectively stay asleep. One that is being seen by those who are awakening to a new state of being. A new state of consciousness within themselves. This state of consciousness is showing them they are connected to everything and everyone. There is an understanding that what is done unto others is done unto themselves. Oneness is a feeling at the core of this state of being.


However, from this emerging state of being, most of what we have created in our world no longer makes sense. And a desire to create something new that matches this new state of consciousness. It is creating ideas that we must have conversations about. YES, it is OK to think outside the box, YES it is OK that you don’t resonate any longer. With many of the things and ways of doing things in our current society. There is nothing wrong with you in feeling these things.

Chaos, as it is often called, happens as a way to reflect what we are currently doing and feeling. If we are living in a world almost completely disconnected from our hearts, built. And moved by the mind’s incessant desire for more, we will create chaos. We create chaos when we continually miss all the signs of time for a change. Instead choose to keep heads down and simply go about ‘normal life’ as if it’s something that truly fulfills us. This chaos is simply an alarm clock going off telling us to wake up.

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Will chaos always be needed? No, but in a world where we are so distracted, unconscious and not paying attention, it is a beautiful catalyst.

Not only does it show us what experience happens when we stay in this level of being. That is disconnected and that thinks more about individual survival than anything else. But it continues to push needle further to destruction, acting as a fire being lit under asses to wake up.

You may not agree with me on these ideas, and I would love to challenge another way of seeing this. The truth is you can see this chaos in multiple ways. We can stay busy, caught up in the emotion and drama of all that is happening. We can fight and resist all that is happening. And in this way, we might see chaos as something to fear. Another way to look at it is, we can slow down, tale a breath. Tune into this emerging consciousness and approach changing our world from this manner.

As I often say, what reality do you want to plug into and keep feeding? You can create change by energetically feeding and nurturing new ideas, anger isn’t necessary. It reinforces the polarity.

Not long ago we did a meditation and conversation. Afterwards that was designed to explore this topic further, I invite you to check it out below.